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Alberobello – a Troll Town in Italy

October 21, 2014

As if Italy wasn’t beautiful enough! Alberobello in Southern Italy is known specifically for its cone-shaped huts called trulli. They were originally constructed as temporary shelters or storehouses, and can only be found in Apulia region. Trulli have one room under each cone, with smaller rooms in the arches between them. You can also see on the pictures that some of the houses have Christian symbols painted on them.

Trulli in Alberobello have been really popular with tourists, who even come here to buy some of the houses. Their thick stone walls make them pleasant to stay in during the summer months only, as in winter they become too cold. Still, you can rent a trulli apartment during you summer stay – and feel like a troll (or a dwarf) for a day.

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