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Ōkunoshima – a bunny island in Japan

December 30, 2014
bunny island japan

Photo: Kim Bui

Here’s a bit of fluffness to brighten up your day! There’s a small island in Japan called Ōkunoshima, which is accessible only by sea. During World War II there was a top secret poison gas factory – so secret that even records of the island were removed from maps.

Ōkunoshima is now famous for something completely different. After the war the factory’s buldings were mostly destroyed and the island was gradually developed into a park and tourist attraction. During this time rabbits were set in Ōkunoshima. As one might expect, the bunnies started to breed and now they are a main tourist attraction of the island. The critters are tame, can be approached and fed by people. Many come here just to cuddle with bunnies, as you can see on a film below. And yes, you can totally visit Ōkunoshima island and meet the bunnies yourself!


Bunnies in front of a factory. Photo: Eugene Y.K. Wong


Photo: Akika8


Photo: Leo HSU


Photo: Sileong

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