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Is this the most beautiful village in Poland? The painted houses of Zalipie

October 15, 2016


For the past year I’ve stumbled upon blog posts titled “the most beautiful village in Poland” on various blogs and portals. Imagine my surprise when I learned that the village was close to the city my family lives in, Krakow! I had no choice but to to check if Zalipie was worth all the hype.

Zalipie is know for its hundred years old tradition of decorating the houses with colourful flowers and plants. It was started by Felicja Curylowa who first decorated her home for Catholic feast called Corpus Christi, held in the beginning of summer. The other ladies in Zalipie liked the idea and painted their houses as well. It’s not a forgotten custom though, every year a competition for the most beautiful house is held with more than 100 people taking part! The rules of the contest are harsh though, as contestants have to remove the previous year’s designs from their walls.

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Haru and Mina by Hideaki Hamada

April 2, 2015

haru_minaToday I’m sharing a different kind of travel than before. I discovered Japanese photographer Hideaki Hamada some time ago thanks to his photos for Kinfolk magazine and since then he became my favourite photographer.

Hideaki shares pictures of his own childrens relationship in an intimate documentary called “Haru and Mina“. He photographs them in a way I never saw a parent do and he becomes invisible to them during their adventures. Watching these photos is always a journey to a simple, happy and carefree world which becomes so unavailable for us when we grow up. Hamada himself notices:

“When I look at them through the finder, sometimes an illusion occurs that those figures are myself when I was a child. It is a strange feeling, like I am looking at myself living a life all over again, standing in close.”

See more of Hideaki Hamada’s photos here or buy his book here (International shipping available).

haru_and_mina_project haru_mina_hideaki_hamada
hamada_haru_and_mina hideaki_haru_mina haru_and_minahideaki_hamada  hamada_hideaki hideaki_hamada_haru_and_minaAll photographs © Hideaki Hamada.

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Kraków for Adventurers – the first Book of Wonders

March 31, 2015

krakow book

Finally I’m sharing what I’ve been working on the past couple of months.

Kraków for Adventurers is the first book I wrote about the city I’ve been living in for the past 20 years: Kraków, Poland. As I despise travel guides for throwing useless information, uninspiring places and ugly photos at you, I decided to make the change myself.

Kraków for Adventurers contains the essence of what I love and hate about the most important city in Poland. You can find my favourite spots, cycling routes, cutest cafes and most inspiring places. Me and Milosz tried hard to make the book a visual adventure as well and are proud to say it’s pixel perfect.

But most of all, this guide is for people like me, who love to explore, taste and feel the city. Who are not afraid to go off the beaten path. For the Adventurers.

Kraków for Adventurers is in English. It contains my photos and texts, maps, ideas for spending your time in the city and a ton of useful info. It will be constantly updated.

An interactive version is available on iTunes, static PDF can be bought here.

Check out because you know, it’s just the first book.

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Women in science illustrated by Rachel Ignotofsky

March 9, 2015


Rachel Ignotofsky from Kansas, MO often combines her passion for illustration and science in her work. Recently, she created series of drawings celebrating women who contributed to modern science. As she features Grace Hopper, Marie Curie and Jane Goodall, Rachel hopes “to inspire curiosity in young women to ask questions about the world we live in and be the one who finds out the answers”.

See more of Rachel Ignotofsky’s work here or buy her prints on Etsy.

patricia_bath marie_curie  rosalind_franklin jane_goodall mary_anning valentina_tereshkova

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John & Wolf’s adventures

February 25, 2015


Illustrator John Stortz travels with his adopted dog Wolfgang and photographs their adventures in some of the most recognisable spots in US, like the ghost towns of Nevada or Angeles National Forest in California. The pure emotions of the dog and the great friendship between John and Wolf is clearly visible on every one of those pictures.

See more photos on John&Wolf’s Tumblr or their Instagram.