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Visiting Europe in 2017: top destinations for every month

January 6, 2017

Now is the best time to start planning for 2017: you still got plenty of time to buy tickets, find a perfect hotel and plan your vacation. Here are some of my recommendations for perfect places to visit each month!

January: Spain OR… Finland

Visiting cities in the middle of winter might not be the most pleasant experience so the best choice here is to go somewhere warm… like Spain! January is the time when Barcelona sees the least tourism so you can see all Gaudi’s magnificent architecture while the weather is warmer than anywhere else in Europe.

Or how about embracing the cold and going to one of the coldest places: Finland. You get a chance to see the magnificent aurora, visit Santa and the Moomin Village, ride a husky sled and you’re going to be alone, as not a lot of tourists like the idea of freezing. You can warm up fast in Finland though as they have some amazing hot saunas.

Photo: David Phan

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Top Places to see in Porto: your Travel guide + map

November 28, 2016


Porto is one of my favourite cities in Europe, I’ve spent more almost two months exploring its streets, churches, restaurants and wineries. Now I’ve prepared a walking tour of all the must-sees and dos in this unique town, along with some unknown and unforgettable places. Here’s everything you need to see in Porto – and more!

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Top 5 reasons to visit Kraków

April 14, 2015

krakow_what_to_seeBeing the most important city in Poland, Kraków attracts millions of tourists yearly. Why do they come here and why should you? Here are my reasons:

Kraków has long history and a multitude of attractions


Settled in 10th century, Kraków is one of the oldest towns in Poland. The 500 years when Kraków was the capital is though to be the golden age of the country, when the most prominent buildings were built, the most beautiful artworks created and a great cultural progress was made.

It also resulted in numerous monuments (some say it’s over 6 thousand!) and every visitor will learn the city is full of history. From the organization of medieval towns, to communism in Poland, Kraków can feel like time travel.

The choice of restaurants and cafes is huge


The centre of Kraków is the Main Market Square and it’s said the number of cafes and pubs per kilometre² is the largest in the world. I can confirm that not even the locals know all the spots and the new ones are created almost every week.

Poland is cheap


Though the prices have risen the past couple of years, Poland is still so much cheaper than most European countries. You can get a full meal in a nice restaurant for about 10 dollars and a beer is only 2 dollars. 30 dollars per night get you a very decent hotel in the city centre.

People speak English very well


Kids in Poland start to learn English in kindergarden and most young people speak the language fluently. Compared to France or Italy, it’s a paradise for English speakers so don’t hesitate to ask for directions or even start a conversation at a bar. Just be careful with what you’re saying in public transport, as most of the people actually understand you.

Kraków is not that big


It’s easy to explore the city on foot so if you like hiking you’ll surely appreciate it. Most of the attractions are close to each other so you can not only visit most of them in just a weekend but will also have time to explore Kraków’s surroundings and distant districts.

Interested in reading more about Kraków from insider’s perspective? Check out my book Kraków for Adventurers and learn about the most interesting attractions, the tastiest restaurants and the best spots. 



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5 reasons every food lover should visit Brussels

January 19, 2015

Though Brussels’ Old Town is quite impressive, with intricately designed buildings on Grand Place, the city might not be the first choice to visit in Europe. Skipping it is a big mistake though, especially if you’re a food lover like myself! Here are some of the tastiest reasons to visit Brussels – all of them have been verified and are recommended by me:

Belgian chocolate

Photo: Irina Chep

Chocolate is like a religion in Belgium and only there I tasted the most extraordinary, delicious pralines and truffles. There are numerous shops which sell this treat, with some of the most mouth-watering shopwindows in the world. My favourite ones are small shops in Galeries Royals St Hubert.

French fries

The Belgians claim that French fries were invented in their country and have had a long dispute with the French about it. In any case, the fries in Belgium are unsurpassable and are best with moules and some luscious sauce.


Even if you’re not a beer fan, you won’t be disappointed by Belgian ones. The beer menus look like voluminous books and you might need a lot of time to choose your drink. There’s beer for any taste though, from light, flavoured lagers to thick stouts. I highly recommend a pub called A l’Imaige Nostre-Dame – it can be hard to miss, as it’s situated in a narrow alleyway, but its coziness, medieval charm, and wide range of Belgian monastery and abbey beers (!) makes it worth searching for.


Photo: Jessica

Another Belgian invention, the authentic and yummy waffles with whipped cream and/or fruit can be found in cafes and restaurants all over Brussels.


Little-known fact about Belgium is that it’s the kingdom of seafood. You can try some of it on Rue de Bouchers – the most delicious street in the world. It’s filled with restaurants serving very fresh seafood – just get adventurous and pick one of them per day – all of them are great!