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Cat’s life in Japan

October 17, 2014

Cats in Japan have a significant cultural meaning, mostly thanks to Maneki Neko, a “good fortune” cat which is supposed to bring good luck and money to the owner. There’s a cat shrine on Tashiro Island, and the locals believe they can predict the future watching feline behaviours. Not to mention the famous cat cafes, where people come to hug, stroke and love those fluffy animals.

Some believe that even the internet’s obsession with cats began in Japan and I actually kinda believe it. As it turns out, there’s quite a lot of cats in this country and French photographer Alexandre Bonnefoy decided to capture some of them. Begging for fish in a port, climbing trees, living a lazy life in their owners home, fighting with others on the streets of Tokyo or being caressed in a cat cafe – the book Neko Land unites all the Japanese kitties.

two_cats stray_cat_japan cat_on_tree cat_on_streetcat_home cat_japan cat_boat

More cat pictures in this excerpt from Alexandre Bonnefoy’s book.

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