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Dogon country, Mali

April 16, 2015

The Dogon people living in Mali’s Dogon country are an ethnical group with distinct traditions, including mask dancing, wooden sculptures and architecture. As they refused to convert to Islam a thousand years ago, they had to build settlements in defensible positions, along the walls of the Bandiagara cliff. Their religion which involves animals, spirits and androgynous creatures, is separated into several sects who worship different gods or totems.

Dogon society has experienced many changes during the last century, as Dogon’s country became one of the main tourist attraction of Mali. The main sights include mud huts and shrines, cave paintings and funeral masquerades.


Photo: El-Len


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The pink petrifying waters of lake Natron, Tanzania

January 9, 2015

Author unknown :(

Lake Natron is a shallow salt and soda resevoir in northern Tanzania. It owes its pink colours to the salt-loving creatures which thrive within it during the dry season – much like in the Syvash lake, which was previously featured on the blog.

Natron’s waters aren’t very hospitable, as they are also very alkaline and can become unbearably hot (up to 60° C). Despite that, lots of endemic animals live there and it’s a regular breeding area of millions of flamingoes.

Photo: Dave Lobby

Photo: beba pisa

The lake earned its internet fame through a series of Nick Brandt’s photos of petrified animals. He arranged the carcasses in “living” positions, which caused some rumours that the contact with the lake can be dangerous. It’s not true at all, those were just dead animals which fell into Natron and got mummified by its alkaline waters (Source).

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Golden African sunsets on Masai Mara

November 14, 2014


Wildlife photographer, tour operator and fund-raiser Paul Goldstein has spent many years in Africa photographing the Masai Mara Natural Reserve in Kenya. His images of beautiful sunsets and sunrises, with black silhouettes of animals, are a celebration of African nature, still wild and untamed. Paul also believes in ethical treating of the wildlife, trying not to startle his models.

Head out to Paul Goldstein’s website for more pictures from Africa and prints of his works.
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Blue town of Morocco

September 4, 2014

Chefchaouen, sometimes called “Blue Town” is a small mountain town in northwest Morocco. Almost every building is painted sea blue, which makes it a popular tourist destination and a great photo spot. Blue town of Morocco is also known for its native handicrafts and proximity to biggest cave in Africa – Kef Toghobeit.


Photo: Chris Ford