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Rovinj in Croatia – the pearl of Mediterranean

September 19, 2014

Rovinj, or Rovigno, in Croatia is surely one of the most picturesque towns in Mediterranean. Over a thousand years old and ruled by Venice for almost five centuries, it has an Italian vibe and a relaxed feel.

One of the things I loved when I was strolling around Rovinj was that many of the narrow streets ran directly into the sea. Isn’t it lovely when you can plunge into the water any time you want?! There’s a lot of public beaches, just beware as the bottom of the sea is sometimes covered in glass.

The town is easily accessible from Pula airport (Croatia) or by a direct ferry from Venice to Rovinj. So, if you’re tired of the city of canals, you can always go to more casual, less popular and slightly cheaper Rovinj.

Jump in on a sunny tour of Rovinj!


Most of the pictures in this post are mine, hope you enjoyed!