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Glass platform in French Alps with the best view in Europe

October 13, 2014

Photo: Robert Pratta

On the top of Aiguille du Midi summit in French Alps sits the tallest tourist attraction in Europe – a glass skywalk called “Step into the Void”. The platform is made of three layers of glass and there’s 1035 metres of free air under the visitor’s feet! If you don’t want to climb 3842 metres to the summit, there’s a cable car to take you to the top and enjoy the stunning views of the Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe. Just remember to wear slippers to protect the transparent floor!


Photo: Robert Pratta


The skywalk from below Photo: Robert Pratta


The platform on top of Aiguille du Midi – here’s where the skywalk is installed.
Photo: Raphaël Grinevald


Aiguille du Midi summit from the distance
Photo: Jakub Badelek

Mont Blanc seen from Aiguille du Midi

Mont Blanc seen from Aiguille du Midi
Photo: Stephan & Anna Gürtler

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Fairytale town of Colmar, France

September 16, 2014

Photo: Saad Zed

Colmar in Alsace surely looks like a fairytale town. With architectural elements from both France and Germany, and canals that make the city look like Venice, it’s surely one of the nicest towns in Europe. If you like “Howl’s Moving Castle” from Ghibli studios, you’ll recognise that its design was inspired by Colmar’s cityscape.