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Berlin Wall – reconstructed

October 30, 2014


This year is the 25th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall – a 155 km long construction that used to completely cut off West Berlin from East Berlin surrounding it. In honour of this occasion two artists – Christopher and Marc Bauder designed a huge installation of 8,000 light balloons, which is going to be set where the original barrier was.

It will be constructed at night on November 7th, to symbolise how the Wall was built – literally during one night in 1961. This time the barrier won’t last long though, as the glowing balloons will be set into the air two days later. The whole installation will be eco-friendly, as the researchers at University of Hannover designed the orbs to be completely biodegradable.

Below are some project mockups – can’t wait to see the pictures of the real thing!

balloonberlinwall1 balloonberlinwall3 balloonberlinwall4 berlin_wallberlin_wall_space

Via MyModernMet

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Aerial Archeology by Klaus Leidorf

September 12, 2014


Klaus Leidorf has spent 25 years photographing aerial landscapes of Germany and parts of Europe from his Cesna 172. Farm fields, roads, cities and industrial sites have all been a subject of his “aerial archeology” – a term used to describe the process of documenting and analyzing the objects on Earth from a new perspective.

Leidorf’s perspective is so interesting I’ve spent a couple of hours yesterday browsing his huge archive on Flickr and website – try it yourself, it’s addicting!