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Enormous statues of Kelpies in Falkirk, Scotland

September 23, 2014

Kelpies falkirk

In Helix park in Falkirk (Scotland) stand two unique sculptures of horses, called Kelpies. The structures were opened in April this year and were meant to revive the area and attract tourists to Falkirk. Kelpies stand by the canal connecting the Forth and Clyde Canal with river Forth, and celebrate horse powered heritage of Scotland, as well as the power of water.

The photos in this post were taken by me, as I visited Falkirk last Thursday. The sculptures are quite amazing, but the surroundings – not so much. There’s a noisy highway just next to them, which is distracting and makes taking photos from their right side impossible (hey, this is important). There are also power lines going just behind the horses and through the whole Helix park, which kinda ruined some of the shots.

Sometimes you just have to admit that some things look better on photos than in reality!

Kelpies falkirk
Kelpies falkirk Kelpies falkirkfalkirk kelpies Kelpies falkirk

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Interview: Kilian Schoenberger and his fantastic landscapes from Scotland

September 17, 2014


Photographer Kilian Schoenberger creates wonderful landscapes during his travels, always paying high attention to textures, light and patterns. The colours of his photos are very natural, but at the same time vibrant, which makes you appreciate them even more. I decided to ask Kilian a couple of questions about his work – read the answers below, they’re really interesting!

What motivates you the most to take photos?

I want to show how I see the world through my colorblind eyes. And I want to open the eyes of others for the beauty of our world. And last but not least I really enjoy being out in the wilderness early in the morning. I witnessed so many enchanting moments during this time of the day and can just recommend it to anybody else.

What advice would you give to artists just starting out in landscape photography?

Leave the parking lots behind you. And the gallery sites of 500px, flickr and so on, too. Landscape photography is not about driving with you car to the best locations in the world. It’s about discovering the landscape – even near to you – and finding your own locations and points of view. Try to capture the soul of the landscape and not to capture something anyone on the internet could like.

Can you recommend a place/experience in your city?

Since I come from Cologne the overwhelming Cathedral is the best known sight. But if anyone would ever go there leave the city center and walk to quaters like “Belgisches Viertel” or “Ehrenfeld”. There you can find the little cafes and bars, nice people and hidden but good shopping opportunities.

Thank you so much for your time Kilian!

This post features images from Scotland, but check out more on Kilian Schoenberger‘s website – the mountainscapes section is amazing!

kilian_schonberger8 kilian_schonberger4 kilian_schonberger2

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5 free things to do in Edinburgh

September 1, 2014
The castle

The castle is huuuge

You don’t need to spend a fortune to feel the *magic* of Edinburgh. Plus, you can spend the extra money on genuine Scottish whiskey to make the visit even more pleasant! Here are some of the best things that come for free in Edinburgh:

1 The Museums

national history of scotland museum

Inside National Museum of Scotland

I was surprised to learn that they’re free! My favourite one is the National Museum of Scotland – get to know the animal world, see a rocket, learn about different cultures around the world or get to know the Scottish history – it’s up to you.If you prefer art, Edinburgh has a lot to offer to you, too: the National Portrait Museum, the Gallery of Modern Art, or the Scottish National Gallery on Princes Street are just a few examples.

2 Edinburgh’s magic streets

Victoria Street

Victoria Street

Victoria Street is an obvious pick, but try one of the narrow alleyways, or closes, running to the both sides of it. They’re surrounded by tall buildings and often have long flights of stairs, giving them an incredible atmosphere.

3 A hike to Arthur’s Seat

Unbelievable view of Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat

Unbelievable view of Edinburgh from Arthur’s Seat

It’s a legendary hill close to the city centre, but also a great getaway from the busy streets of Scotland’s capital. Relax by the lakes, take a jog around, or even climb to the peak and enjoy the view of the whole city.

4 The parks

In Princes Street Gardens

In Princes Street Gardens

For example Princes Street Gardens, just below the Edinburgh castle. It’s the best place to relax after shopping on Princes Street or sightseeing on the Royal Mile.

Suddenly, we're in China! Just joking, it's Royal Botanic Gardens

Suddenly, we’re in China! Just joking, it’s Royal Botanic Gardens

You can also go to Royal Botanic Gardens, which is further away from the centre, but totally worth a visit. It’s absolutely the best garden I’ve ever been to!


View of Portobello from Arthur's Seat

View of Portobello from Arthur’s Seat

For the price of a bus ride you can get from foggy Scottish hills to a beach resort (just be warned it’d probably also be foggy). Enjoy long walks by the sea and Portobello’s architecture, which is quite different from the downtown Edinburgh.

For the past two months I’ve been living in Edinburgh and have visited this city quite a few times before, so I just can’t wait to share some of the things I’ve learned about this Scottish capital. This is just a first part of my Edinburgh tips, stay tuned for more!