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Haru and Mina by Hideaki Hamada

April 2, 2015

haru_minaToday I’m sharing a different kind of travel than before. I discovered Japanese photographer Hideaki Hamada some time ago thanks to his photos for Kinfolk magazine and since then he became my favourite photographer.

Hideaki shares pictures of his own childrens relationship in an intimate documentary called “Haru and Mina“. He photographs them in a way I never saw a parent do and he becomes invisible to them during their adventures. Watching these photos is always a journey to a simple, happy and carefree world which becomes so unavailable for us when we grow up. Hamada himself notices:

“When I look at them through the finder, sometimes an illusion occurs that those figures are myself when I was a child. It is a strange feeling, like I am looking at myself living a life all over again, standing in close.”

See more of Hideaki Hamada’s photos here or buy his book here (International shipping available).

haru_and_mina_project haru_mina_hideaki_hamada
hamada_haru_and_mina hideaki_haru_mina haru_and_minahideaki_hamada  hamada_hideaki hideaki_hamada_haru_and_minaAll photographs © Hideaki Hamada.

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