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Best Instagram travel hashtags for your photos

December 3, 2014

instagram hashtagsRecently I’ve been using Instagram quite a lot, posting photos of my travels. And I know that choosing the right tags can be intimidating, so I’ve created this useful guide how to choose the best Instagram travel hashtags.

“Why use hashtags” you ask? Well, people are looking for photos from places (like #NYC), or landscapes, or just general #travel inspiration on Instagram and they might find your photo. It’s an easy way to expose your Instagram to a wider public! But first, know the basic rules:

1. Don’t get crazy with the numbers

I haven’t really noticed a big difference in likes when I use 10 hashtags compared to 30 or more. It can also be frustrating for your followers to see a huge chunk of hashtags under your every post. For me, 10 is the limit which helps the photos enough and still isn’t irritating.

2. Use less popular hashtags

This might be against common knowledge, but I’ve noticed that the less popular hashtags get more attention. So many people tag their photos with #Instagood that your photo will pushed on page three in a second! It will stay on top longer with #hiking and more people will see it.

3. Stay relevant and don’t overdo it (please!)

Hashtags on Instagram are supposed to help group similar images for easier search – please keep it in mind. There are people out there who chuckle when they see your selfie tagged #landscape.

instagram hashtags Below are the best ways to use travel hashtags on Instagram. Ask yourself:

Where are you?

First of all, hashtag your destination! It’s useful for your followers, people who search for images from this place and even locals who look for something interesting in the area. You can begin with a country and get more specific about the place, like:


What are you doing?

Whether it’s hiking or sunbathing, admit it with a hashtag:


What’s on this picture?

Just describe what’s on your photo! Don’t limit yourself to #foodporn, when you can use:


What kind of picture is it?

Whether it’s a #landscape, a #macro or #seascape, tag it! There’s a lot of people who search for these hashtags:


hashtags instagram

General hashtags for travel

For everyone looking for travel inspiration, drop some general hashtags:


You can make derivations from the above words, like #travelling, #tourism etc.

Later’s got a huge list of general hashtags you can use on your travel and lifestyle photos, check it out!

Research local Instagram communities

Here’s a pro tip: try to figure out the hashtags local communities use. They’re looking for great photos to feature on their social media pages – which can promote your account and get you new followers.

When I was in Scotland, I used #brilliantmoments and #edinphoto on my posts, and got featured by VisitScotland and Enjoy Edinburgh!

Think of your own hashtag

A couple of months ago I had a brilliant idea of my own hashtag: #TailsOf(insert place). So there’s been #TailsOfEdinburgh, #TailsOfPorto, #TailsOfPoland etc. It’s a nice way to showcase my previous posts from a certain place – and I can see my followers like them too!

Got any more ideas for Instagram travel hashtags? Share them with me!

All of the pictures in this post came from my own account, if you liked them please follow me on Instagram.

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