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Japanese Rice Terraces are disappearing

October 23, 2014


Rice terraces (tanada) have long been a symbol of Japan and have a great cultural significance for the Japanese. The paddy fields have been in this country for centuries and some even consider cultivating rice an art. Ancient farmers have carved the platforms into hillsides to make the fields more efficient. The modern technology allows better yields though, and the terraces are being abandoned.

Kit Takenaga spent 10 years photographing tanada in Japan, producing magnificent photos that capture the life and culture of his home country. He said he was stunned by the hard work farmers put into their fields, all day every day. And there’s still hope – people are trying to preserve the terraces as they prevent landslides and are home to variety of wildlife.

Enjoy Takenaga’s pictures below and read his fascinating article here.

rice_fields_evening rice_fields_festival rice_fields_japan rice_fields_kids rice_fields_landscape rice_fields_red_flowers rice_fields_traditional


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