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5 reasons every food lover should visit Brussels

January 19, 2015

Though Brussels’ Old Town is quite impressive, with intricately designed buildings on Grand Place, the city might not be the first choice to visit in Europe. Skipping it is a big mistake though, especially if you’re a food lover like myself! Here are some of the tastiest reasons to visit Brussels – all of them have been verified and are recommended by me:

Belgian chocolate

Photo: Irina Chep

Chocolate is like a religion in Belgium and only there I tasted the most extraordinary, delicious pralines and truffles. There are numerous shops which sell this treat, with some of the most mouth-watering shopwindows in the world. My favourite ones are small shops in Galeries Royals St Hubert.

French fries

The Belgians claim that French fries were invented in their country and have had a long dispute with the French about it. In any case, the fries in Belgium are unsurpassable and are best with moules and some luscious sauce.


Even if you’re not a beer fan, you won’t be disappointed by Belgian ones. The beer menus look like voluminous books and you might need a lot of time to choose your drink. There’s beer for any taste though, from light, flavoured lagers to thick stouts. I highly recommend a pub called A l’Imaige Nostre-Dame – it can be hard to miss, as it’s situated in a narrow alleyway, but its coziness, medieval charm, and wide range of Belgian monastery and abbey beers (!) makes it worth searching for.


Photo: Jessica

Another Belgian invention, the authentic and yummy waffles with whipped cream and/or fruit can be found in cafes and restaurants all over Brussels.


Little-known fact about Belgium is that it’s the kingdom of seafood. You can try some of it on Rue de Bouchers – the most delicious street in the world. It’s filled with restaurants serving very fresh seafood – just get adventurous and pick one of them per day – all of them are great!