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Visiting Europe in 2017: top destinations for every month

January 6, 2017

Now is the best time to start planning for 2017: you still got plenty of time to buy tickets, find a perfect hotel and plan your vacation. Here are some of my recommendations for perfect places to visit each month!

January: Spain OR… Finland

Visiting cities in the middle of winter might not be the most pleasant experience so the best choice here is to go somewhere warm… like Spain! January is the time when Barcelona sees the least tourism so you can see all Gaudi’s magnificent architecture while the weather is warmer than anywhere else in Europe.

Or how about embracing the cold and going to one of the coldest places: Finland. You get a chance to see the magnificent aurora, visit Santa and the Moomin Village, ride a husky sled and you’re going to be alone, as not a lot of tourists like the idea of freezing. You can warm up fast in Finland though as they have some amazing hot saunas.

Photo: David Phan

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