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Impressive entries from National Geographic Photo Contest 2014

October 10, 2014

Kumtag Desert, 6th largest desert in China.
Photo: Mei Xu

National Geographic already announced its annual photography contest winners a couple of months ago and you can see the gallery here. As with any contest though, especially the ones with like, 18 thousand entries, there’s still a lot of quite impressive entries you might’ve missed. Here are some of the most interesting or simply beautiful photos from the Outdoor Scenes category.


Photo: Olly Liu

Above: I had always felt attracted to the serene atmosphere of coastal villages, and I felt that it was my calling to document the lifestyle of Huian villagers before they were swept away by modernization. I wanted to capture their modest beauty, and how they lived with nature, receiving the gift of life from the ocean. The women carrying bucket is both symbolic and representative. Because in this area women take care of the hard work and while men sail far away. This conservative yet original life style really attracts me. – Olly Liu


Above: This picture is taken in the Central Atlas Mountains, Morocco. This area is populated by the idigenous Berber inhabitants. The sign on the wall represents the Berber, Tamazigh-flag. Tamazigh is the local language. The name also stands for: free man, noble man. – Hielke Gerritse

Above: The long-abandoned communist party meeting hall lays perched on the top of a mountain range in the middle of Bulgaria. Far from any large cities, it is a remote location only the hardiest of urban explorers dare to venture to. Icy winds howl through the structure, the sound of banging metal deafens anyone inside. Cold seeps through boots. Desolation everywhere in this alien structure. – Peter Franc 

Photo: Bence Mate

Photo: Bence Mate

Above: Air battle of Great White Egrets in the National Park of Kiskunság, Hungary. Rivalry of the kin is frequent, even if there is no breeding season and they have enough food – Bence Mate

Above: One of the most spectacular natural caves I’ve ever adventured into, Tham Lod is a piece Mother Nature’s masterpieces in the Mae Hong Son region of Northern Thailand. The Lod is a natural limestone cave system, its main feature is the freshwater stream which runs through the middle of the cave for about 200-300 meters – Drew Hopper

Above: Typical red rorbu huts with sod roof in town of Reine on Lofoten – Sausse David

Above: Climbers are creatures that climb high up toward the heavens, and their hands are tools for grabbing hold of the summit. – Yosuke Kashiwakura

Browse the whole HUGE gallery here.