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Tails of Wonders goes to Lisbon

March 6, 2015


I’m very excited to announce that I’ve moved from Cracow, Poland to Lisbon in Portugal!

It’s a trip that me and my boyfriend have been planning for some time and it’s even better here than we expected. The steep and narrow streets, yellow retro trams, seafood and stunning architecture are just some of the amazing things we’ve already experienced – not to mention the warm weather while it’s still snowing everywhere else in Europe and US.

See some of the pics I’ve already taken below and stay tuned for photos, travel tips and more!

lisbon_bridge lisbon_mercado_da_ribeira belem_tower_lisbon jeronimos_monastery lisbon_trams

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On thin ice – documentary photography by Ciril Jazbec

January 15, 2015

On thin ice

Documentary photographer Ciril Jazbec created a series of photos on Greenland and its people, called “On thin ice”. He captured the Uunartoq tribe, who are one of the last people with subsistence hunting traditions. However, due to the climate change the weather became warm and unpredictable, which endangers not only their heritage, but also their lives. As the ice becomes thinner, they are forced to leave behind their homeland and ways of living.

You can find more photos on Ciril Jazbec’s website and buy his book “On thin ice” here.

On_thin_ice2 On_thin_ice3 On_thin_ice4 On_thin_ice5 On_thin_ice6 On_thin_ice7 On_thin_ice8 On_thin_ice9 On_thin_ice10 On_thin_ice11 On_thin_ice12

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Frozen Siberian landscapes by Anton Petrus

January 6, 2015

altai by anton petrus

Russian photographer Anton Petrus has traveled to Altai mountains to take pictures of frozen Multa lake. Altai is a remote range where Russia, Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan come together and numerous lakes are one of its main tourist attractions. The frozen bubbles in the water are fascinating!

Here’s more of Anton’s photos from Multa and also check out his profile on 500px.


ice_photography multa winter_in_siberiarussia_siberiafrozen_icesiberia_landscape

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Golden African sunsets on Masai Mara

November 14, 2014


Wildlife photographer, tour operator and fund-raiser Paul Goldstein has spent many years in Africa photographing the Masai Mara Natural Reserve in Kenya. His images of beautiful sunsets and sunrises, with black silhouettes of animals, are a celebration of African nature, still wild and untamed. Paul also believes in ethical treating of the wildlife, trying not to startle his models.

Head out to Paul Goldstein’s website for more pictures from Africa and prints of his works.
african_animals afria_sunset africa_masai masai_mara_africa sunset_masaisunset_masai_mara sunsetsunset_african

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World’s natural wonders photographed by Roberto Ivan Cano

October 16, 2014
iceland Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland

During his awesome travels around the world, Spanish photographer Roberto Ivan Cano captures Earth’s natural wonders. Roberto’s work has been featured in lots of magazines, like Traveller or National Geographic, and he keeps exploring different corners of the world in search of a perfect shot.

See more of his work on Roberto Ivan Cano‘s website or 500px account.


Northern lights in Lofoten, Norway


Iceberg in Greenland

hawaii lava

Lava cascade on Big Island, Hawaii


Right: crater of the Kilauea volcano, Hawaii


Waterfall in Skaftafell National Park, Iceland


Blue Lagoon in Iceland


Blue holes in Hveravellir, Iceland