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Explore the Unseen London on these photos by Peter Dazeley

October 14, 2014

Beautiful pumping room of the Crossness pumping station

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations and home to many great landmarks known around the world. Walking around its streets, visitors surely wonder how these attractions look inside, but not all of them are publicly accessible. Peter Dazeley, a photographer from London decided to record historic interiors of London, and the result is quite amazing. Battersea Power Station, Abbey Road Studios and closed Aldwych tube station are just some of the legendary places he photographed. Explore the backstage of British capital and be amazed!abbey_millsInterior of the original Abbey Mills sewage pumping station, built in 1868. With its intricate Byzantine design, it’s sometimes called The Cathedral of Sewage and has been a set of many movies and music videos.

abbey_road_studiosAbbey Road Studios – a recording studio that has been used by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Badfinger and others. There’s enough space in Studio One for 200 musicians to perform at the same time.

aldwych_stationAldwych tube station – closed station located in central London. Opened in 1907, it has been used during the First and Second World War to store precious works of art from London’s museums. Aldwych’s always suffered from low passenger numbers thought, and in 1994 it was closed.

batterseaBattersea Power Station – a coal-powered station by the South banks of Thames river. Battersea was built in parts in 1930s and 1950s but ceased producing electricity in 1983. It remains the largest brick building in Europe and is celebrated for Art Deco interiors – and somewhat steampunk-ish consoles in control rooms.


BBC Television Centre’s TC1 Studio in White City.


The courtyard of Whitechapel Bell foundry, the oldest manufacturing company in Great Britain established in 1570. Whitechapel manufactured the famous Liberty Bell and Big Ben.

big_benThe south clock face of Elizabeth Tower, “the home” of Big Ben.

midland_bankSafe deposit of the Midland Bank in Poultry. In 1930s it’s been the biggest deposit bank in the world, with 3,8 thousand private boxes. Midland Bank is now a part of HSBC and the building was sold to a Russian tycoon in 2007 and will be reworked as a luxurious hotel.


An old operating theatre at St Thomas hospital. The space in the middle was used by the surgeon to demonstrate his skills to the students.


The legendary Repton Boxing Club, London’s oldest boxing gym. Situated in a former Victorian bath house, its interiors haven’t been changed in over a century.

Peter Dazeley’s book “Unseen London” is available on Amazon and you can see some more pictures on his website or InformantDaily‘s and Daily Mail‘s galleries.

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