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The legendary Yellow Mountain in China

October 24, 2014
Huangshan, Anhui Province, China.

Photo: I. K. Lee

The Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) mountain range is one of the most famous areas in China and has long been an inspiration for art and literature. With its peculiar granite peaks, lush forests and great views from the top, it’s a very popular tourist destination. There’s a number of exciting paths that every hiker would love to take.

One of them leads to Buxian bridge, often called the Fairy Walking Bridge. It’s a picturesque construction between two giant granite peaks. It appears to be small, but the thought of how it was built is quite amazing.


Photo on the left by David Wicks,
on the right by Konstantin Iagoudine

The trails to the Yellow Mountain attract a lot of tourists but can be quite extreme, as they cling to the rocks and might not be the best place if you’re afraid of heights. It’s absolutely worth it though: the peaks emerging from the clouds are a view that you’ll never forget.


Photo: Pete T


Photo: Ming Ge

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